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Founder of Legiit - Chris Walker

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Chris Walker - Legiit

Chris is well known in the Digital Marketing Industry for his services through Superstar SEO.  After years of dominating the space Chris created for entrepreneurs to buy and sell digital services. 

Mark Washco - 
Washco Fitness

Mark has created waves in the Fitness Industry by taking the "Satellite" Personal Training to the next level.  Learn how he set himself apart in the upcoming podcast!

Danny Veiga - Entrepreneur Hustle

Danny made his mark as force in the Facebook Ad Agency game.  Danny has release multiple courses that's helped many entrepreneurs reach 6-7 figure agencies.  Danny was also awarded with a 2-Comma Club award from Clickfunnels.  
Hunter Ballew Who?
I'm just a regular guy from small-town South Carolina that was blessed to find multiple ways to generate income.  I've built & own 6 & 7 Figure Businesses in Blue Collar & White Collar Industries.  

Blue Collar Industries such as Construction, Plumbing, Concrete & Wildlife Control. Though none of these were my expertise I was able to scale due to THOUSANDS of hours training and over 6 Figures Spent learning how to Brand & Market.  From this experience I've also had successful White Collar Businesses such as Marketing and Consulting Agencies.

With Scheduled Success I have ONE Goal in mind.  To help 10,000 regular people like myself take their personal and business life to the "next level."
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